The Oconee Bale Trail

Laura had a quick business trip to Chicago, so Glynda and I decided to get out and see the countryside. I had spotted an advertisement for the Oconee Bale Trail, a series of decorated hay bales through that county, and it looked like as good an excuse as anything to get out and about. Glynda … Continue reading The Oconee Bale Trail

A Day of Festivals

Saturday was an absolutely stunning day. The air was dry and clear, and the sky was so blue that even cerulean doesn’t do it justice. There was no way that I was going to waste this on the huge stack of chores and yard work I had waiting for me at home. So, I decided … Continue reading A Day of Festivals

They Used the S-Word

I can’t believe it! The Greenville News has finally used the S-Word – “SMOG!” It was even on the front page of the page. The News has notoriously danced around the issue for years, using euphemisms such as “haze” or “ozone,” but never really owning up to the real problem – pollution. The News has … Continue reading They Used the S-Word