Targeting to the Extreme

I am not naive.  I am aware of the level of targeting and profiling that advertisers use to get their message across, especially on the Internet.  However, every now and then it really catches me off-guard.  Facebook is notorious for this, sending ads my way that read “Sing in Italy this summer” because I’ve listed … Continue reading Targeting to the Extreme

The End of an Era

Last night I finally pulled the plug on our old AOL account.  It had served us well for over twelve years, but it was time to part company.  When we got DSL in our current house about six years ago we had scaled back to just the bare minimum AOL service, just in case of … Continue reading The End of an Era

Flickr Adds Video

The Blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Flickr has now added support for video. However, they are not striving to become another YouTube. Flickr has always been about photographs, and they are adhering to a strict interpretation of what’s acceptable. They look at these videos as more “long photos” than anything. Basically, just a … Continue reading Flickr Adds Video