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More Thanksgiving Escapes


Island Kayak

NOTE: After a week, Thanksgiving turkey is probably getting old and not something you want to eat. I’m about a week late with this post, and I’m hoping it’s not quite as stale.

It was a week of lots of home health care visits. The nurse who will be staying with Laura’s mom on a regular basis dropped by a couple of times over the holidays. Another nurse came by a couple of times, and there were two different physical therapists in multiple times to work with her. Laura and I were tasked with heading out to get various items necessary for all of these pursuits. Add to that the desire for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and things could get stressful very quickly.

Even so, we managed to have a traditional Wright family turkey gathering, and I was able to spend some time with my family. I even managed a couple more escapes on my kayak. (more…)

Indian River Escape


Indian River Grunge

Been a tough couple of weeks, and I seem to be suffering from writer’s block. I just haven’t been too inspired to research or photograph anything. Even when I have subject material, such as my long urban walk, or research on my grandfather’s churches, or a dozen other things I could be pursuing, I seem to lose interest about halfway through the post or project. So, I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep writing on a regular schedule.

And with that, we’re here in Florida for the Thanksgiving holidays. Laura’s mom was just released from three months in a skilled nursing rehab center after breaking both legs in a fall. Our job was to help her get re-established at Laura’s sister’s home and situated with home health-care, etc. I needed an occasional escape, so I brought a kayak down with me.

Escape #1 – Night Paddling

We arrived later Sunday evening than I had planned. Monday was spent running errands and getting supplies for the house. By Monday evening I was ready for an escape. I headed out for an after-dark paddling trip.

Indian River Paddling-013 (more…)

Lost in the Mangroves in the Old Inlet


Indian River Panorama HDR

So far it had been a great week in Florida. I had gotten out on the kayak for at least one paddling trip each day. In some cases, twice. Doesn’t hurt when you’re staying at a place with a boat ramp right into the Indian River.

This was our last full day in Fort Pierce, and we were going to jam it full of activities. The morning started with a trek out to the Saturday morning Farmers Market in downtown Fort Pierce. We got some vegetables, did some people watching, and Laura was even able to find a cool hat to wear in the Mini Convertible out on the artists section of the market.

Fort Pierce Farmers Market-2
Fort Pierce Farmers Market-3
Fort Pierce Farmers Market-1

When we got back from the market, Laura and Amy headed out for some shopping, and I headed out on the kayak. Most of my treks had been averaging about four miles, and I was determined to get at least one long trip in. (more…)

Gadding about in Florida – Part One

Indian River Paddling-002

Indian River near Fort Pierce, Florida

We’ve been spending a few days down in Fort Pierce, Florida, at Laura’s sister’s place. Amy had to go away on business, so we cam down to keep her mom company. I brought toys. The Subaru was loaded with more camera and kayak gear than luggage.

Every morning I’ve been getting up and down a short paddling trip before the heat and afternoon thunderstorms hit. I’ve also managed to get in an evening paddle.

I brought the Tsunami because it handles rougher water with ease and is quick enough that I can go some distance. First trip out I headed out to the spoil islands. The morning was clear with a light breeze. The water was relatively flat.

Indian River-003
Indian River-004
Indian River-007 (more…)

Fourth in Florida


Indian River Evening-002

Been a busy week. We headed down to Florida to Laura’s sister’s house for the Fourth holiday. The days at Amy’s have been spent on day trips, but mostly paddling out on the Indian River. I have fallen woefully behind on blogging. I’ve got a couple of ghost town reports and other write-ups to finish. Until then, here’s a slide show of what we’ve been doing over the past week or so…

Winter Solstice Sunrise Paddle


Solstice Sunrise

Last night was the longest night of the year. The Winter Solstice occurred at about 12:30 am. That meant sunrise would also be the latest of the year, and I could paddle out to enjoy it without having to get up too early. It also helped that both my kayak and body of water on which I’d be paddling were only about 100 ft away from my bed.

…but backing up a bit…

We arrived at Amy’s house in Fort Pierce earlier this week. In addition to luggage, my electronic gizmos, and Christmas presents, we had strapped the tandem kayak to the top of the car. While the weather down here is spectacular – hovering in the 80s during the day – paddling conditions have not been ideal. It’s been breezy and very choppy out on the Indian River.

Indian River Panorama


I tried a couple of solo trips. On one a large sea turtle came up next to me and kept me company for awhile.

Sea Turtle Head


Christmas in Florida



There were rumors and reports of snow back in Greenville. It wasn’t exactly my definition of a “white Christmas.” To me, a white Christmas is when you wake up and everything is covered in snow. However, I wasn’t going to be picky – snow is snow, and I would have enjoyed it all the same. The simple fact was that I was going to miss it all together. It was a warm 70 degrees down here.

The day began with the Wright family tradition of wrapping everything under the sun and putting it under the tree. They love to wrap/unwrap packages. It’s fun. This year Santa brought me life vests so I could take friends kayaking and a cool remote helicopter with built in camera. (more…)

Christmas Paddling


Indian River Sunset

It’s Christmas. That means a trip to Florida to visit Laura’s sister, Amy. Using the new kayak racks Laura gave me for my birthday, I brought down the tandem that we got last summer so that we could paddle it out on the Indian River. After an 11 hour drive, I had to hit the water as soon as I got there.

Amy's Canal

The water was quite calm, and sun was just setting as I paddled out into the channel. Since it was dusk I decided I didn’t want to get out into the main channel, but paddled out far enough so that I could watch the sun set. It was a short paddle, but enough to improve my mood immeasurably.

Indian River Sunset (more…)

More Florida Wildlife Encounters


Today the plan was to head up toward the Sebastian area, have lunch, and visit the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. We headed north on US 1, stopped at Hale’s Groves for some citrus, then stopped at Rock City Gardens to look at the plants.

Rock City Garden

Lunch was at the Sand Bar at Captain Hiram’s. It was quite the laid back place, and we were tempted to get fruity rum drinks and just hang out all day, but we resisted.

Captain Hiram's Sand BarCaptain Hiram's Sand Bar

From Sebastian we retraced our steps to Wabasso and crossed the Indian River onto North Hutchinson Island. Immediately across the river we turned north onto the historic Jungle Road. This was the first road to run along the island. It’s still preserved as a dirt road, and part of it runs through overhanging oaks and really gives one a “jungle” feel. The only bad part is that it also runs between developments with multi-million dollar homes. You can see the monstrosities poke their heads above the trees.

Finally we reached Pelican Island. Apparently this was the very first national wildlife refuge in the US, established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903. There are several walking trails, and the refuge includes part of the Indian River. We selected a one-mile loop that led to an observation tower.

The site is so named because of the abundance of white pelicans that live in the area. We spotted a large group about a half-mile out into the river, as well as seeing large groups if ibis and other wading birds. My telephoto lens wasn’t quite long enough to get a good shot, so I tried holding my little Nikon up to the eyepiece of the spotting scope on the observation deck.

White Pelicans through a Scope

From Pelican Island we drove up to the Sebastian Inlet, saw that it was incredibly crowded on this warm day, and decided to head homeward. We drove along the island until we got to Vero Beach. Since we were fairly close to home and it was toward the end of our drive, we decided to stop at Riverside Grill and have one of the rum drinks we passed up at the Sand Bar.

Back at home I decided to go for one last late-afternoon paddle. The plan was to paddle out to the spoil island, circle it, then return while watching the sun set. I battled breezes and swells to get out to the island but I made it. The place was crowded with campers, so I did my circle and headed back. Once I got safely back to the homeward side of the channel I paused to watch the sunset.

Indian River Sunset

It was at this time that I had my most dramatic wildlife encounter of the day. As I was taking the above photo a manatee popped up right near the boat and snorted. He/she/it showed lots of interest in the kayak and kept checking me out. Fortunately, I had the little Flip video running and was able to catch its head rising out of the water. This happens about 32 seconds into the video clip below:

It’s been a great trip for wildlife encounters, especially while paddling.

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