Easter Weekend 2011

Carnival Tilt Shift

Easter was much, much later this year. We had our district’s spring break back at the end of March, but Greenville held fast and had theirs during Holy Week. It seemed a bit strange to have Easter come and go and not get any time off. Even so, I got a chance to do some photography and spend some time with family.

Saturday we spend doing household chores – installing new light fixtures, installing a new AC in the basement, etc. Saturday afternoon/evening Chip called and wanted me to join his family at Haywood Mall’s Spring Carnival. He had just purchased a new DSLR and wanted to give it a test run. The bright lights and garish colors of a carnival always make for fun photography, so I headed on over.


Little Olivia was mesmerized by all of the colors. It was a bit of sensory overload for an 18-month old, even with her mother and one set of grandparents there to keep things in check. She managed to ride the carousel not once, but twice… Continue reading “Easter Weekend 2011”

Fourth Fireworks

Fireworks 11

Our family was somewhat scattered, and the drought was causing some concerns about lighting fireworks in the Upstate, so we decided on a different path for this year’s Fourth.

First, we headed over to Paul’s for some of his world-famous ribs and blistering rounds of bumper pool and bocce balls. No mercy was spared on either account.

For our fireworks, there were several option. We could brave the crowds downtown, or we could brave the religious nutjobs over at Redemption World Outreach Center. John Ellenberg has a hanger at the municipal airport, which would have a great view of the RWOC. Chip and I remembered his access code, and toyed with the idea of using his parking lot to view the fireworks.

We loaded up the convertible and headed to the Haywood Road Area. It was already a zoo, and there was stepped up security, so we decided not to try John’s place. As it turns out we parked on the road overlooking the hanger. It was a good thing, because they were launching from the end of John’s building, so we were actually in the fallout zone for the fireworks. The display was pretty cool.

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