St. George Ceiling

In case your Cyrillic is rusty, the title of this post is from Psalm 104, “Praise the Lord, O My Soul”, and is one of the pieces that make up part of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. This weekend we performed the piece with the Greenville Chorale on Sunday afternoon at First Baptist Church.

This was a real challenge. The music itself wasn’t so hard, but there was so much of it. We did in an hour what we normally stretch out over two, when you add in soloists and orchestra. Throw in a layer of very difficult language, and you have a nearly impossible task.

I had done parts of the Vespers before, so I was somewhat familiar with the music. The sixth movement is the “Hail Mary” section, and I had done it several times with both the Latin Ave Maria text and the Russian. Even so, I found myself stumbling over music and text, even in the final performance. Continue reading “??????????-????-???”

Digital Disconnect

Monday evening was the first rehearsal of the season for the Greenville Chorale. This fall we’re doing some of my absolute favorite music – Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil. We’re doing it in Russian, which has caused me no small amount of headaches – not because of the difficulty in singing, but because of inability to say no.

Musica Russica is a company dedicated to making Russian choral music available for performance. They have also produced an audio pronunciation guide for the Church Slavonic in the vigil. We have a license to provide the audio guide to the group, and Bing Vick asked if I could find some way to distribute it. Continue reading “Digital Disconnect”

A Messiah Weekend

As previously mentioned, this weekend was the performance of Handel’s Messiah by the Greenville Chorale and the Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra. This is the third year of Christmas collaborations between the two groups. As part of the collaboration we do one concert on our turf at the Peace Center, then drive up the hill to perform … Continue reading A Messiah Weekend

The Blasphemous Messiah

I apparently committed blasphemy. At least, that’s the impression I got this evening at rehearsal. I introduced an electronic synthesizer to a baroque orchestra. It all started with a conversation that went something like this… Bing: I don’t know if we’ll have a piano available for our Cliffs Valley gig. Me: I’ve got a Yamaha … Continue reading The Blasphemous Messiah

A Salute to American Music

Tonight the Greenvile Chorale joins forces with the Greenville Symphony for a concert at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts entitled “A Salute to American Music.” With a historic election day just around the corner, the music is meant to celebrate all that is America. The concert begins with Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the … Continue reading A Salute to American Music

2nd Mahler’s 2nd

For the second time in less than a year I am performing Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, and this is the second orchestra with whom I’ve performed this work. The Greenville Chorale joined the Greenville Symphony this weekend for two performances, one Saturday night and one Sunday afternoon. Last time, we performed with the Brevard Music Center … Continue reading 2nd Mahler’s 2nd

A Concert of Remembrance

This afternoon the Greenville Chorale presents Music for Life – Celebrated & Remembered. The concert will be at First Baptist Church at 3:00 pm, and will feature the Durafle’ Requiem, Brahms Nanie, and several shorter works. This year our concert season was thrown off a bit with unusual scheduling. This left and opportunity for a … Continue reading A Concert of Remembrance