Geotagging “Threat”

Just when you thought it might be safe to let the kids out of the house, the news media comes up with even more scary stuff that you didn’t know about. This time geotagged photographs are the culprit. Two separate news outlets – MSNBC and ABC, have aired segments on the dangers of posting geotagged … Continue reading Geotagging “Threat”

Rethinking Panoramio

Last post I was singing the praises of Panoramio for location-based photo sharing.  I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos, and had 250 approved for Google Earth.  I was quite flattered.  The selected photos included some of my best shots, and covered the entire US, from Florida to Maine, to Washington State. …and as of this … Continue reading Rethinking Panoramio

From Flickr to Panoramio

I finally caved in. I’ve been uploading some selected photographs to Panoramio so that they will appear in the Google Earth Photos layer.  As of this writing I have 121 photographs that have been selected to appear in Google Earth, and I’ve submitted more that are awaiting approval. If you’ve got a Google account, then … Continue reading From Flickr to Panoramio

Flickr Adds Video

The Blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Flickr has now added support for video. However, they are not striving to become another YouTube. Flickr has always been about photographs, and they are adhering to a strict interpretation of what’s acceptable. They look at these videos as more “long photos” than anything. Basically, just a … Continue reading Flickr Adds Video