Dedications and Birthdays

It’s been a busy weekend. First there was the dedication for the new Townes Science Center at Furman on Friday, then there was a birthday party for my mother’s 80th birthday on Saturday. The Townes Science Center is named for Charles Hard Townes, Nobel Prize winner for his pioneering work on maser and laser technology. … Continue reading Dedications and Birthdays

Elements at Furman

My photo collage, Elements, was hung in the Furman Chemistry offices just in time for the Homecoming weekend. It turned out very well, and black and white was the appropriate choice for the rich red wall on which it’s hanging. We had a time getting this thing framed. Each of the photos is 13″ X … Continue reading Elements at Furman

The Elements

Over the weekend Laura told me that they were looking for artwork for the new Chemistry Department offices. Furman has completed a renovation of Plyler Hall, which is now part of the Townes Science Center on campus. The Chemistry Department has large blank walls that are just begging for some artwork. Laura suggested something semi-abstract … Continue reading The Elements

Copenhagen @ Furman

This is the “Year of Science” at Furman, and many activities have been planned to highlight the sciences, including dedication of the new Townes Center for Science later this season. One of the activities is a production of Michael Frayn’s “Copenhagen” at the Furman Playhouse. We (and about half of the chemistry faculty) went to … Continue reading Copenhagen @ Furman

A Night at the Drive

One of the annual events with the Furman Summer Research group is a trek to Fluor Field at the Westend for a Greenville Drive baseball game. Thursday night we made the trek to see a game between them and Lake County Captains from Eastlake, Ohio. The game went back and forth, with the score staying … Continue reading A Night at the Drive