Disc Golf at Furman

Fourth Basket

Back last spring Furman University put up an official disc golf course. Sunday was a beautiful (albeit, hot) day, so I decided to spend the afternoon playing a round.


As a student here a quarter of a century ago we played quite a lot of Frisbee golf. We used standard-sized Frisbees (there was no other brand) and picked a target for our next hole, be it a tree, bench, or hapless passer-by. Then we would estimate how many throws it would take to get there, and that would be our par. It was informal, but it worked.

Furman took its first steps toward an official course about fifteen years ago. This first venture was wasn’t much more than what we had done when I was a student. A map was drawn up indicating which objects (again, mostly trees) would be used as targets. The course wound around the mall and PAC building, for the most part.

A few years ago there was an attempt to create a true course on campus, but for whatever reason, that didn’t go through. Finally, in February of this year it was announced that the course would be built. Continue reading “Disc Golf at Furman”

2009 Scottish Games at Furman

Piping Competition

This morning I loaded up the photo and recording gear and headed up to Furman for the 2009 Greenville Scottish Games. It was a great day to be outside – finally no rain, and not too terribly hot. I decided to check out the games, and see if I could get a bit more information on family history.

The crowds were gathering, but not too back. Shuttle buses were running from the parking areas, so I boarded one. I should have walked. The bus I was on circled the same route twice until it had enough people to head on up to the games proper. I was beginning to wonder if we were on some perverse infinite loop.

I made it to the games and shelled out the rather pricey $15 for admission. This gained me entrance to a wonderland of Gaelic activity. In one field were the athletic competitions – caber toss, sheaf toss, and hammer throw. In another were the sheep dog trials. A tent was set up for dancing competitions, and pipers were competing on a hill near Cherrydale. There were vendors for food and Gailic stuff set up near the stadium, along with a large tent with a stage for bands. The main field was ringed with the clan tents, and each of the aforementioned competitions were featured on the main field at one point or another. Quite a lot to see. Continue reading “2009 Scottish Games at Furman”

Dedications and Birthdays

It’s been a busy weekend. First there was the dedication for the new Townes Science Center at Furman on Friday, then there was a birthday party for my mother’s 80th birthday on Saturday. The Townes Science Center is named for Charles Hard Townes, Nobel Prize winner for his pioneering work on maser and laser technology. … Continue reading Dedications and Birthdays

Class of ’83 25th Reunion

The Paladin

It’s hard to believe the years have passed so quickly.  This weekend was Homecoming at Furman, and my 25th Reunion. There seems to be a core group of my classmates that attend these reunions.  This wasn’t really the group I hung out with while at Furman, and my friends have been spread out over several years, so we have tended to do our own thing at various Homecoming reunions.

Since this was a biggie, though, Laura and I decided to do the entire thing, and had tickets for a cookout Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning, a luncheon, then a reunion dinner in the evening.  My friend Dwight was coming up Friday to spend the night with us and join in the activities.  In addition to our 25th reunion, this year marks 50 years that Furman has been located on its present campus.  There was much to celebrate, and lots of events planned.

Continue reading “Class of ’83 25th Reunion”

Elements at Furman

My photo collage, Elements, was hung in the Furman Chemistry offices just in time for the Homecoming weekend. It turned out very well, and black and white was the appropriate choice for the rich red wall on which it’s hanging. We had a time getting this thing framed. Each of the photos is 13″ X … Continue reading Elements at Furman

The Elements

The Elements

Over the weekend Laura told me that they were looking for artwork for the new Chemistry Department offices. Furman has completed a renovation of Plyler Hall, which is now part of the Townes Science Center on campus. The Chemistry Department has large blank walls that are just begging for some artwork. Laura suggested something semi-abstract dealing with the classical elements, so I thought I would see what I could create. The image above is the result. Continue reading “The Elements”

Copenhagen @ Furman

This is the “Year of Science” at Furman, and many activities have been planned to highlight the sciences, including dedication of the new Townes Center for Science later this season. One of the activities is a production of Michael Frayn’s “Copenhagen” at the Furman Playhouse. We (and about half of the chemistry faculty) went to … Continue reading Copenhagen @ Furman