Pomegranate on Main

Tuesday evening we got together with our friends Karen and Herman and tried out Pomegranate on Main. We were in the mood for something different by tasty, and this certainly fit the bill. I only had my cell phone here, so the photos don’t do the place justice. Atmosphere POM is located just across the … Continue reading Pomegranate on Main

Dinner and a Show

For it to be her birthday, Laura certainly had a rough start to the day. It began with her fighting off the beginnings of a cold and went downhill from there. When she got to the office, water started pouring from an overhead pipe and flooded their new offices. The rest of the day was … Continue reading Dinner and a Show


There are few foods that evoke such intense memories – the warm days of early autumn, climbing under the vines to find the ripe fruit, feeling as much as tasting the sweet juice and ripe pulp. My Grandmother Ellenberg had huge scuppernong vines growing on her farm. I can just barely remember them, but I … Continue reading Scuppernongs

Dining Disasters

Disaster #1 …Well, not really a disaster, but a lapse in judgement. Our previous district’s administration had requested that we remove our district name badges when we go out for lunch. For some reason he didn’t like the idea of district administrators out in local eateries during the school day. I’ve always tried to remember … Continue reading Dining Disasters