Libraries and Museums – Not There Yet

This photograph of Nina Simon over at Museum 2.0 pretty much sums up my experience with museum and library websites over the weekend. This was also the conclusion of Simon’s paper describing museums and libraries in the 21st Century.

This all got started this past weekend as I was reviewing websites for a graduate course I’m taking. I was not only looking at museums and libraries, but historical societies, as well. My intent was to see what actual resources were offered on their various websites and to see how they have bought into social networking. What I found was a bit discouraging. Continue reading “Libraries and Museums – Not There Yet”

Smithsonian Now on Flickr

The Smithsonian Institute is the latest organization to begin posting photos on Flickr. There are currently just under 900 photographs available. The majority of this are historic photos. There is a set of scientists and inventors, a set of famous artists, and a couple of sets devoted to various American cultures. One set focuses on … Continue reading Smithsonian Now on Flickr

A Touch of Texture

I blame Duck Hunter. If he hadn’t told me about adding textures as overlays, I might have happily continued posting away to Flickr in my ignorance without worrying about even more post processing. As it is, I can’t just upload a photo. I’ve got to consider whether or not it should be HDR, fake Lomograph, … Continue reading A Touch of Texture

Super Geotagged

One of the problems with native KML support in Flickr is that it only displays the last 20 geotagged images from the specified search criteria. If you want a more inclusive display of Flickr geotagged images, you need to use something like Metaltoad, Flyr or Flyr gives you better granularity of control for searches … Continue reading Super Geotagged

Flickr Adds Video

The Blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Flickr has now added support for video. However, they are not striving to become another YouTube. Flickr has always been about photographs, and they are adhering to a strict interpretation of what’s acceptable. They look at these videos as more “long photos” than anything. Basically, just a … Continue reading Flickr Adds Video