Christmas in Florida


There were rumors and reports of snow back in Greenville. It wasn’t exactly my definition of a “white Christmas.” To me, a white Christmas is when you wake up and everything is covered in snow. However, I wasn’t going to be picky – snow is snow, and I would have enjoyed it all the same. The simple fact was that I was going to miss it all together. It was a warm 70 degrees down here.

The day began with the Wright family tradition of wrapping everything under the sun and putting it under the tree. They love to wrap/unwrap packages. It’s fun. This year Santa brought me life vests so I could take friends kayaking and a cool remote helicopter with built in camera. Continue reading “Christmas in Florida”

Christmas Paddling

Indian River Sunset

It’s Christmas. That means a trip to Florida to visit Laura’s sister, Amy. Using the new kayak racks Laura gave me for my birthday, I brought down the tandem that we got last summer so that we could paddle it out on the Indian River. After an 11 hour drive, I had to hit the water as soon as I got there.

Amy's Canal

The water was quite calm, and sun was just setting as I paddled out into the channel. Since it was dusk I decided I didn’t want to get out into the main channel, but paddled out far enough so that I could watch the sun set. It was a short paddle, but enough to improve my mood immeasurably.

Indian River Sunset Continue reading “Christmas Paddling”

Remembering Eddie

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Eddie Taylor lost his battle with cancer. Eddie was married to my sister, Beth. They have three children, Mason, Blair, and Phillip. Our friendship began out of rivalry. It was 1985 and Eddie had just started dating Beth. That year Newberry College played Furman, and beat them in the very … Continue reading Remembering Eddie

A Surprise Photo Trek

A couple of weeks ago Houston celebrated his 60th birthday. We wanted to hold a surprise birthday party for him, and he provided us the perfect opportunity this weekend. Houston suggested that he come up to visit, and we could head out for one of our photo treks. What he didn’t realize was that while … Continue reading A Surprise Photo Trek

Taylor Family Thanksgiving 2009

Taylor Family 2009

Normally our clan gathers at Christmas, but this year many were going to be gone. So, we decided to get the gang together for Thanksgiving. And what a crowd it was – 2 parents, 7 children, 9 in-laws, 12 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 1 aunt, 1 uncle, and 1 boyfriend, plus several dogs. 38 in the family, and 41 present for the day.

Beth’s husband, Eddie, has been battling cancer this year, so we all wore Team Eddie T-shirts to show that we are behind him and support him. It was quite a surprise for them. Even the dogs had on Team Eddie bandannas.

Eddie with Katie's Dog

Of course, there were cameras everywhere, and we had to pose for the obligatory group shots. This was the first for little Olivia, and was actually the first time Chip and Anna have ventured out with her. We’ll hope she wasn’t unduly traumatized. Continue reading “Taylor Family Thanksgiving 2009”

New Arrivals

We had two significant arrivals this weekend from Florida. Laura’s mother arrived for her annual visit. She will be staying with us through Christmas, as she usually does. The other visitor will be with us on a more permanent basis. We have adopted Percy, a cat that showed up at Amy’s house over the summer … Continue reading New Arrivals


In all of the hustle of having the flu and then catching up at work, I somehow neglected to acknowledge a HUGE event in our family on this website. I have a new great niece! Olivia Emily Caddell was born a week ago on October 7 to my nephew Chip and his wife Anna. According … Continue reading Olivia

Bearing the Pall

“What do you think they’ll have?”

“I think you could guess just as easily as I could”

  • fried chicken
  • sliced ham
  • green beans
  • macaroni & cheese
  • corn
  • biscuits
  • potato salad
  • deviled eggs
  • congealed salad – multiple varieties, but at least one green and one pink
  • banana pudding

And, yes, my sister and I nailed it. The menu was exactly as predicted. And it was comforting and tasty – just as funeral food is meant to be.

funeral food

But, backing up a bit…

Thursday evening I got a call from my father that my Uncle Raymond Johnson passed away after a prolonged illness. Uncle Raymond was 93, and was a quiet, peaceful man who lived his entire life in the town of Calhoun Falls. Uncle Raymond had married my father’s oldest sister, Mary, who had passed away several years ago. They had one son, Sherwin, who still lives in the area. The funeral was Saturday, so I picked up my sister, Glynda. then my parents for the drive down to Calhoun Falls. Continue reading “Bearing the Pall”

The Wright Stuff

It’s been a good spring for the Wright sisters. Earlier this spring Amy won the Outstanding Research Scientist Award from Florida Atlantic University. Laura was able to go down for the awards ceremony. Last night Amy was able to return the favor. At commencement ceremonies for Furman University, Laura was given the Meritorious Teaching Award. … Continue reading The Wright Stuff