Return to Long Branch

Long Branch Pentecostal Holiness Church… The name is long in our family lore. The church was established by my grandfather in 1911, as were many of the Pentecostal Holiness churches of this area. My father pastored the church for most of the 1960’s, and it is here that I have my earliest memories of church. … Continue reading Return to Long Branch

Even More Echo Valley

By some strange coincidence Houston and Lynda were working on family photos when I posted my piece about Echo Valley.  The weird thing was, they were processing photos from 1968, and had just come to our great mountain adventure when we visited the park.  These photos were taken by my father. Last night they gave … Continue reading Even More Echo Valley

A Question of Ancestry

Over the weekend I signed up for a free two-week trial of I guess I fell prey to their recent marketing campaign, which shows users discovering new things about their families as “leaves” appear on their family tree. I had already amassed quite a bit of data on our family, so I was curious … Continue reading A Question of Ancestry