A Dark Night

Dark Knight Rises

It started as an absolute geekfest. Earlier in the week Chip told me that our local theater was holding a Dark Knight marathon Thursday evening. Starting at 6:30 they would show Batman Begins, followed by The Dark Knight, and at midnight they would premier the new movie in the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. I had planned to see the movie anyway, and since I didn’t have to work Friday, I decided to go for it.

When I arrived at the theater at 5:15, it was already filling up. Borderland Comics had a table set up and was giving away free comics. The whole thing had a feeling of an episode of the Big Bang Theory. Chip arrived and we found our seats.

The first movie started with no previews. Likewise the second movie. There was just a brief intermission between the two – enough time for me to get, totally spill, then refill a large tub of popcorn. Seeing both of these back-to-back not only highlighted the continuity between the two, but the differences, such as have two different actresses play Rachel Dawes. Continue reading “A Dark Night”

The Dark Knight

Brutal That’s about the only way to describe it. I went to see The Dark Knight by myself Friday afternoon, since I knew Laura wouldn’t want to see it. I thought that Batman Begins was very well done but haunting. However, The Dark Knight was unrelenting in its psychopathic take on crime in Gotham City. … Continue reading The Dark Knight