Edisto Outdoors

Every now and then I get requests to use one of my photos posted on Flickr. I always appreciate when folks ask (rather than stealing outright, which has happened) so I’m usually fairly accommodating. Several weeks ago I was contacted by Don Alexander with a request to use the above photo of the Edisto River … Continue reading Edisto Outdoors

Elements at Furman

My photo collage, Elements, was hung in the Furman Chemistry offices just in time for the Homecoming weekend. It turned out very well, and black and white was the appropriate choice for the rich red wall on which it’s hanging. We had a time getting this thing framed. Each of the photos is 13″ X … Continue reading Elements at Furman

The Elements

The Elements

Over the weekend Laura told me that they were looking for artwork for the new Chemistry Department offices. Furman has completed a renovation of Plyler Hall, which is now part of the Townes Science Center on campus. The Chemistry Department has large blank walls that are just begging for some artwork. Laura suggested something semi-abstract dealing with the classical elements, so I thought I would see what I could create. The image above is the result. Continue reading “The Elements”

Fish, Fish, Fish

No trip to this area would be complete without a trip to the Monterrey Peninsula and a visit to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. We got an early start this morning and drove straight on down. Traffic was not too bad. The route took us over hills, through ancient eucalyptus groves, past farms, and finally past … Continue reading Fish, Fish, Fish