Sustainability, Greenability, and Misunderstandings

4 thoughts on “Sustainability, Greenability, and Misunderstandings”

  1. It’ll be interesting to watch Furman manage this meadow area. Often areas left “natural” near a lake or in the open will soon get small trees (usually scrub trees like sweet gum or black gum) that grow and become impenetrable thickets. Now, thickets are good – wildlife love them, as well as little kids playing “war.” But they can become jungle in our lush Southern setting.

  2. Hmm. Now that I’ve looked at the Furman website, I wonder if they’ll let me put a canoe in the water when the native sunfish and bass have grown to catchable size. (I assume they’ll have fish in there)

    1. Dwight – still not sure I would want to eat, or even catch anything from that lake.

      As for the space behind the student center and dining hall, they do plan to leave that manicured, as far as I know.

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