Stormy Edisto

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  1. If a “Float Bubba” is what you call the locals, then I request that the term be removed from your column . That is stereotyping good people that enjoy the river just like you. Just because we don’t have a kayak we are “Float Bubba’s”. That is cruel to say the least. I’m T.C. Sanford , I float the river on an inner tube just like I have for forty years. Am I less than you?

    1. Let’s see…

      1. Do you trash up the river with beer cans and other garbage?
      2. Do you see that your alcohol is better protected than your children on the river (which I’ve seen many times)?
      3. Do you lace every other sentence with profanity and look like you crawled out of the depths of the swamp itself?

      If so, I say you stand a good chance of being a Float Bubba.

      Furthermore, if you get so bent out of shape by a term on someone’s personal blog – a term of which you obviously don’t know the meaning, then I suggest you steer clear of the Internet. It can be a big scary place for Float Bubbas like you.

    1. Frank – it’s an informal group that escape from our wives once a month for an outing, usually paddling, but occasionally hiking. We go somewhere the second Saturday of each month. Ownership of a kayak helps, but it isn’t necessary.

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