Steal this Photo (not really)

2 thoughts on “Steal this Photo (not really)”

  1. I’ve read other stories like this and it has had me consider marking all my Flickr stuff as private. I don’t want to do that, and I probably won’t. I appreciate you bringing this to everyone’s attention.

    How did you come across this?

  2. Eric Morris (aka Rested Traveler) brought this to my attention.

    As for making everything private, I still love sharing my photos in a public forum, despite the risks. I’ve taken precautions, though. I don’t make the original photos available for download, so I’ve always got that as my backup. I also keep a raw copy with its original name (DCS_099.jpg, for example.) I don’t watermark my photos because it’s time consuming and it’s too easy to crop out watermarks. I might be interested in digital watermarking, but right now that’s kind of pricey for a non-professional like me.

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