Seventh Annual LowCountry Unfiltered Beer Commercial and Rope Swing Edisto Adventure

4 thoughts on “Seventh Annual LowCountry Unfiltered Beer Commercial and Rope Swing Edisto Adventure”

  1. Tom….As usual, I enjoyed this, your latest post. Some years back, I and some of my family “did” sections of the Edisto, but all of ours were above Colleton State Park, and they were all done in cold or cool weather. Did one from way above Orangeburg down to Edisto Gardens, where we rescued a couple of kids who had turned over their canoe in the river. It was pretty cold, and we got them out and shared some dry jackets with them. This turned out to be very fortunate for us, as we (I) had done some bad planning, intending to take out well below Orangeburg. Since we were running way too late, the father of the kids did us a great favor and carried me down to the takeout to pick up my vehicle. One good turn deserves another, thankfully. This is a beautiful section, but needs to be done on ample water. We did a couple more trips from somewhere (?) above Colleton SP to there, combined with family camping for the weekend at the Park. My younger brother, his wife and young (at the time) son (now a Black Hawk pilot in the SCNG) went in the drink early with their canoe. This was in Feb. or March, and it was really cool. It was a very interesting stop along the river where we built a fire, and everybody faced out in a circle around the fire to strip down to some dispensable article of clothing or two to share with the wet ones. Fortunately, I did some good planning on this trip, as I was the only person that had something to start a fire with (I always have a starter of some type). I should have charged for the fire? Anyway, fun in the younger days! I enjoy your artful photography and the renditions of your travels. They are much appreciated….

    Bentley Fishburne

    1. Thanks, Bentley. We’re slowly filling in our gaps on the Edisto. We’ve done several sections above Colleton, but haven’t been up near Orangeburg. We’ve been talking about doing that soon.

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