Secrets Revealed in ArcGIS Explorer

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  1. It’s disturbing that the images are apparently blocked in Google Earth, but I don’t recall seeing anything that would indicate such a policy. Further, the large naval bases, like Mayport or the shipyard in Newport News, is clear as a bell. Rather strange.

  2. I did a check on Oconee Nuclear plant and it is clear in Explorer while blurred in GE. Like you pointed out, doesn’t make much sense. Interesting software but I think I prefer GE because I’m familiar with it.

  3. I didn’t check Oconee, but I figured it would be the same. As for the software, I’m the same way. The GE interface seems a little smoother and a bit more user-friendly. However, there are some things Explorer will do that the free version of GE won’t, and I’ll use it for those limited applications.

    On another note, if you look at the White House in Google Earth it appears clear. They get around the blurring by using older imagery that doesn’t include the defense systems located on the top of the building. Same for the Capitol Building, which also used to be blurred in GE.

  4. Maybe I missed something, but when i went to their site, I couldn’t make heads or tales of their software offerings. I have a PC at work (they don’t advertise a Mac version), but I didn’t see anything that indicated what software would run. But, I’m not an IT guy, and don’t think in terms of putting together modules and whatnot.

    I have noticed little pockets of low res stuff on Google Earth, but am not sure I attribute it to censorship. My dad did point out, when we talked about this imagery, how valuable it could be to someone wanting to do mischief. Not sure I’d censor in order to protect against that, but I’m not sure that my attitude would differ if protection was my job.

  5. The censorship is a documented fact. In the case of the National Observatory, one perfect circle is pixelated – everything else is clear. Likewise with the Belton site and several others. Here is a site that has a list of censored locations.

  6. I liked the one comment on the circle at the Naval Observatory: “This circle is appearently blurred out due to it being the home the US vice president and the location of US Naval Observatory. But, then why isnt the White house censored?” The answer is obvious: you censor the center of power. 🙂

    Disturbing, and yet another sign of our eroding liberties.

  7. I took a look at some of these locations today. In addition to Keowee andBelton (haha), the Jocassee Dam was blurred. There’s a good deal of discussion on this blurring on the web. I was surprised that the tank farms in Camp Croft (SE Spartanburg) were not blurred, even though that seems a much bigger concentration. Chedder (near Belton) may be more important to shipping, though. Also, McGuire Nuclear (near Charlotte) was not blurred, though apparently a nearby place was (maybe a mistake). What really surpriesed me was that Yahoo Maps has a satalite imagery service with NO blurring that I could find. Further, the imagery was more up-to-date in some areas (SE jacksonville FL, Wilmington, WW Bridge S of DC), and the same as Google in others (and behind only on the Bay Bridge in SF/Oakland).

    Some discussions attribute the Google problems to moves by the supplier of their imagery. However, with Google’s compliance with Chinese censorship laws, I wonder if they are not in fact to blame for this.

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