San Jose with Family

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday was a non-travel day for us. Breakfast was a leisurely affair, and we spent more time catching up with Laura’s cousins. We spent the rest of the day at Linda and Bill’s house staging for the next part of the adventure. While others headed off to church we headed to Safeway and picked up supplies for picnics along our journey.


The afternoon was spent napping and rearranging our suitcases. Camera gear and other high-use items were moved to more accessible locations, and we took inventory of anything else we might need.

About mid-afternoon we headed over to Dave and Fran’s house, which was only a couple of blocks away. Dave and Linda are brother and sister, the children of Laura’s Aunt Marie and Uncle Dave. Dave had been east to visit us a couple of years ago, and it was great to see all of them again.

The outing brought about the East Coast/West Coast argument about the term “barbeque”. To West Coasters it means anything cooked out on a grill. To East Coasters it’s a specific cuisine, usually pulled pork, or the sauce that goes thereon. Sometimes ribs are lumped into the BBQ bundle, but not by those in the know. What West Coasters call barbequing we call grilling, or “cooking out.”

So, our “barbeque” consisted of grilled salmon and chicken kabobs. Terminology aside, it was still delicious.


We spent a delightful evening in Dave and Fran’s backyard discussing all sorts of verboten topics such as religion, politics, and family. It was great fun, and lasted long into the evening as Fran and Linda brought out multiple desserts. I really fear my diet is done for, and I’m going to have to start completely over when this trip is complete.


We headed back in time for Laura and I to check our itinerary for the next day and turn in. Being from Los Angeles, Laura has an easier time shifting to this time zone, but I was doing OK, to. Regardless, we had a long day of travel ahead of us.

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