Same As It Ever Was

One thought on “Same As It Ever Was”

  1. Ah, priorities! Wednesday night, I walked out of the church after choir and smelled … gin. I thought, “Surely I’m not craving it THAT much.” I’d noticed the wonderful smell earlier, as i arrived, and was surprised. Gin isn’t that popular in college bars. I spoke of this with some folks, and determined the source. There is a pile of mulch in a corner of the lower parking lot. I think that, perhaps, the mulch has a heavy pine component, giving it that wonderful aroma that one gets with gin. Glad it wasn’t the mulch they use at Furman, which smells like someone hurled en masse. 🙂 Or the third type, which smells like the barnyard on a wet day. Enjoy the martinis; I hope to have some myself in the not-so-distant future.

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