Remembering Rascal

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  1. What a beautiful Tabby!

    Back home, we have a cat (Tiger) who is a tabby, and nearing the end of his career. He fought his way up to being THE tom on the farm, ruled with an iron claw, and now is having to watch his step because he has been badly bested lately. It’s the normal cycle of outside cats, but it can be tough to watch. Not long ago, he walked around like a prize fighter in top form. Now he walks closer to the ground and is more tentative.

  2. One must have cats as lifelong pets to truly appreciate the beauty of this story and its pictures. I feel the pain of a void in your heart. I’ve had many to go away too–Ruffles, Dutchboy come to mind–both went away to die. I guess they thought it’d be easier to handle. Currently I have Alaska, Bentley, and Willow. All three very different in nature. Alaska is now going on 19, and she is such an evil witch now 90% of the time. I suppose old age does that. But she sill will climb into the lap and demand to be loved once a day. I too have pictures of my pets–they are all three distinctively different. Bentley is 11 years old and Willow is just 13 months old. B & W are males, and I swear Willow thinks he’s a dog. I enjoyed reading about your pets and seeing the pictures–thanks for sharing and humoring me by reading about my pets. From one SC Blogger to another–Cathy.

  3. Cathy – thanks for sharing. When Laura and I married she had two cats. They both reached the ripe old age of 20 before passing on. We’ve got another one that’s about 15, and we expect him to go before Rascal did.

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