Remember the Sabbath

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  1. Years ago, when I was in my twenties/ early thirties, I became mixed up with a fundamentalist Christian church.
    After several years, I realised that they were control freaks in a successful profit making enterprise.
    However one major truth stays with me (I have never joined any other group, religious or political). THe Sabbath!!

    When I observed this day of no work and navel gazing (for want of a better description)I found that I never needed a holiday. The bible did not say “48 weeks shall ye labour and on the next 4 have a break”.
    Coming home on Friday night with all food prepared, no TV, meditative bible reading, followed by a quiet Saturday and church, then flowing into Saturday night and Sunday, I went back to work on Monday totally refreshed.
    Odd that this physical positive does not seem to be stressed by clergy – I would have thought it would be self evident to them. They seem to promote it as a rule and obligation, not a benefit.
    I have not actually observed it since I left that church, but am mindful of the need to have periods of mental and Physical relaxation.
    Since the relaxation of shop trading hours, there seems to be a resultant increase of rage (road, parking etc etc). When shops closed at midday Saturday, people were forced to get out of the rat race for at least a day.
    Any thoughts on the subject?

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