Quick Trip to Stumphouse Tunnel

2 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Stumphouse Tunnel”

  1. It might be worthwhile to call the Walhaula government person responsible for the park, and ask about getting access to the rest of the tunnel. I found the place to be remarkable, and particularly as a “get away” during hot times and with the world as it is.

  2. Thanks, Tom. The last time that I saw it – back in the 1960s – it was like a rat nest, with a lot of trash. You could drive up to the tunnel entrance then, and things were not controlled at all. I don’t believe that the gate that you photographed and the brick wall were there then. I definitely remember the vertical shaft. The was a gated area at the end where the cheese aging area for the Clemson U. dairy dept. used to be. With the exception of the graffiti, things sure look a lot nicer than a half century ago….

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