Quick Sparkleberry Trip

One thought on “Quick Sparkleberry Trip”

  1. I came across your web site recently. I love it. I am a freelance photographer that just got into kayaking. I have been the photographer for a local high school marching band (wkbandphotos.com) for the past eight years. My kids are now graduated and I finally have weekends free to have a new life.

    I would love to explore the Sparkleberry Swamp area with my son (recent College of Charleston grad). Is there any way to get a gps (Garmin or GPX/LOC) file showing your track into and out of that area. I have the Paddling South Carolina Rivers file, and it’s a big help locating paddling locations. I just need a trip that I could download for use to get familiar with the swap.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading more of your “ramblings”.


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