Enoree River Paddle

Two posts in one day. Oh boy. Bob and I got to our meeting spot at the take out on the Tyger River, only to find “No Tresspassing” signs everywhere. I can understand trying to keep the random idiots off your land who want to trash the place, but I wish they could differentiate between … Continue reading Enoree River Paddle

Now Is the Month of Maying

It’s hard to believe May is already here. This academic year has flown by. Along with May comes spring/summer outdoor activities. Greenville now has competing farmer’s markets – one downtown and one at the “official” farmer’s market on Rutherford Road. The “official” one seemed to have much more to offer. The one downtown had a … Continue reading Now Is the Month of Maying

Another cool site…

 Mark Fiore – I like this guy’s work with Flash. Apparently, he also contributes to the Mother Jones online magazine. Speaking of websites, I was at Fark when I noticed a banner about a Matrix protest entitled “Matrix: Rejected.” I have always had problems with the gaping plot holes in the Matrix, as well as … Continue reading Another cool site…

Easter 2003

Easter has come and gone, with proclamations of “Christ Has Risen”, despite worldy evidence to the contrary. They say the war is winding down. We’ll see. Actually, there were two Easters. I celebrated Orthodox Easter with the performance of Bach’s St. John Passion with the Greenville Chorale Saturday night. It’s a piece enjoyed more by … Continue reading Easter 2003

“The Tax Man Cometh”

…and taketh away. Being a couple of DINKS with no reasonable deductions, we had to fork out ‘way too much to help finance George Jr.’s experiment in empire building. (So much for the political career.) So, as I fume about giving the feds so much, we just finalized plans for the new deck and hot … Continue reading “The Tax Man Cometh”

The Dough

Cool Website. I saw this one at a conference a couple of years ago. Some guy was showing it as an example of how Flash could be used. I had forgotten about it, but stumbled across it just recently. I’d love to be able to do something like this. X_Dude’s “The Dough” Continue reading The Dough

Mid-Life Hits Hard

It snowed today. Here. In upstate South Carolina. On April 10. I wonder what portents this doth signify. This was Founders Week at Furman, and it was a week for me to wallow in mid-life crises. A couple of my classmates returned to Furman to speak. Karen Foreman spoke at convocation on Wednesday. She at … Continue reading Mid-Life Hits Hard

Glynda is bored

My sister Glynda called last night to tell me she was bored. Two weeks ago she was in England for an Oxford Round Table discussion, last week she had two Welsh punk rockers staying at her house, Tom Brokow wants to do a story on her school, and next week some guy is bringing race … Continue reading Glynda is bored