“See, here is water.”

My mother has always been afraid of water. As children, we never went swimming except on very rare occasions. Usually what we called "going swimming" was an afternoon trip to wade in the shallow Rabon Creek. Subsequently, I didn’t learn how to swim when I was young. At 14 I was sent to my oldest … Continue reading “See, here is water.”

Entropy Sucks …

…technically, I think it blows, but whatever. I seem to have more than my share of degeneration towards chaos. All three vehicles need repair, my office is a paper-laden wreck, and the roof of our house is still shingled with pollen. The rain exacerbates the situation. I have always been fascinated with office supply stores. … Continue reading Entropy Sucks …

Peter Yarrow

What a week. It started Monday by spending the evening with a musical legend. We went to a benefit for Max and Trudy Heller, at which Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary, performed. The word “concert” could only loosely be applied here. The music was moving only because of its history and in the … Continue reading Peter Yarrow

Galloping on My Dinosaur

I can’t believe it! Someone has created a tribute pageto Larry Thor, who recorded the children’s album “Galloping on my Dinosaur.” The album has wonderfully twisted songs, and my siblings have been fighting over who actually owns the one LP of it in our family. I’ve tried to convert it to CD, but my copy … Continue reading Galloping on My Dinosaur

Enoree River Paddle

Two posts in one day. Oh boy. Bob and I got to our meeting spot at the take out on the Tyger River, only to find “No Tresspassing” signs everywhere. I can understand trying to keep the random idiots off your land who want to trash the place, but I wish they could differentiate between … Continue reading Enoree River Paddle

Now Is the Month of Maying

It’s hard to believe May is already here. This academic year has flown by. Along with May comes spring/summer outdoor activities. Greenville now has competing farmer’s markets – one downtown and one at the “official” farmer’s market on Rutherford Road. The “official” one seemed to have much more to offer. The one downtown had a … Continue reading Now Is the Month of Maying

Another cool site…

 Mark Fiore – I like this guy’s work with Flash. Apparently, he also contributes to the Mother Jones online magazine. Speaking of websites, I was at Fark when I noticed a banner about a Matrix protest entitled “Matrix: Rejected.” I have always had problems with the gaping plot holes in the Matrix, as well as … Continue reading Another cool site…