The Sky is falling…

For the first time in weeks, there is a clear sky. Last night we sat in the hot tub and watched remnants of the Persied Meteor Shower. However, living this close to Haywood Mall, we only saw two meteors – at least enough for a good wish. I remember a fellow teacher who once thought … Continue reading The Sky is falling…

Busy Busy Week

Busy, busy week – school’s starting back next week, so many of the teachers are back this week. I’m sure that next week is going to be crazier. We finally have the green room furnished — grown-up furniture. Of course, there was a corner where I could put something not-so-grown-up. The combination pool, air hockey, … Continue reading Busy Busy Week

Summer Disappears

Well, I didn’t win that big lottery, so if you were thinking about asking me for money, forget it. Summer seems to have disappeared on us, once again. After the Fourth, summer takes a downhill slide into autumn. I have so many projects going at work that should be completed before the start of school, … Continue reading Summer Disappears

Party Weekend

Definitely feeling the effects of a long party weekend. It’s actually a good thing I didn’t have church this morning, because I don’t think I would have made it through the service. And so, I start my first Sunday as a heathen with a hangover. This has been one of the best Fourths we’ve had … Continue reading Party Weekend

A Week of Changes

 I am now officially retired from church work. Sunday was my last at McCarter. We had the Cantrell wedding on Saturday, so it was a weekend full of church activities. Sunday was also John McCallum’s last service, so I let him steal most of commotion that would have been directed my way. It hasn’t sunk … Continue reading A Week of Changes

Strom is dead.

I never thought I would spend this much time contemplating Strom Thurmond. I didn’t dislike him. His earlier views were the product of a racist South, the same South that I grew up in. I don’t condone his actions, but it seemed that he changed with the times, as obviously I changed as I grew … Continue reading Strom is dead.