Edtech 2003 2

My last day in this hell hole. Did I say I hate Myrtle Beach? Once again, I’m at my favorite Greek breakfast nook. It’s relatively cheap, and the service is good. How about that – a geek at a Greek restaurant. Last night we went to the CSI bash at House of Blues. I actually … Continue reading Edtech 2003 2


Once again, I’m sitting in the restaurant, acting like a geek. I’m also noticing that my Palm batteries are getting lower and I didn’t bring a charger. I’m just hoping it holds out until tomorrow. Last night I stood up a free dinner with a vendor, Trillion, to eat with my tech team. Most of … Continue reading Edtech-2003

Edtech 2003 3

OK, I’ve just identified myself as a geek. I’ve opened up my keyboard to update this blog in a pancake house in Myrtle Beach. September just disappeared on me. It marked the start of Furman football games, cooler temperatures, awful new TV shows, and a deluge of leaves. We still haven’t gotten everything thing cleaned … Continue reading Edtech 2003 3

It’s September.

I haven’t even gotten all the leaves from last fall raked, and the new deluge has started. The change in season also means that it’s football time. We had our first home game against Elon on Saturday. This is the earliest game on record, partly since Labor Day is as early as it can get. … Continue reading It’s September.

Bourbon Street Bordello

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed August 28  – I’m sitting outside of the Bourbon Street Bordello. Not in the Big Easy, but in lovely downtown Greenville. It isn’t a real bordello, in the commonly accepted sense of the word, but a New Orleans-themed restaurant that used to be called Betty Pearle’s Bordello. I had … Continue reading Bourbon Street Bordello

Eight weeks…

In the mainstream denominations, I guess I am now what’s refered to as one of the “unchurched,” although I think that’s a euphanism for what evangelical churches call “unsaved.” I hardly count myself in either group. The morning was cool and breezy for a change, which made the weekend routine of yard work much more … Continue reading Eight weeks…

Get bit…

I went to see Bob’s band, The Copperheads for the first time last night. They were playing at a little place in Spartanburg called the Guitar Bar. It also turned out to be a birthday celebration for Roxanne. While Bob was onstage playing blues and cover tunes, Roxanne had her own floor show going, greeting … Continue reading Get bit…

Seven weeks

Seven weeks without organized religion – the only thing that comes remotely close is the time I spent in Europe. Even then I was in and out of historical cathedrals. This time I haven’t even darkened a church door. We actually had a good reason to miss church this morning – a command performance, as … Continue reading Seven weeks