So how, exactly, does one become an Internet Icon?  I guess I could design a Tron Costume, or do something equally foolish.  As I’ve turned my attention by to this website, I’ve been wondering what cool service I might offer that would make people actually want to come back.  I did a Google search for … Continue reading

If you haven’t, go right now and rent the movie Amelie and watch it. It’s got subtitles, but don’t be scared.  We’ve held my nephew’s copy hostage since Christmas, and I really should get it back to him.  We watched it again last night and was delighted once again. Today was a very productive day … Continue reading

I Love a Rainy Day

…especially when it cancels out work-related activities.  I went on over to the SCALE site yesterday, only to hear the decision that the Sunday GALA would be cancelled due to the rain.  I came on home and Laura and I did a quick shopping run, then the rest of the afternoon was spent in a … Continue reading I Love a Rainy Day

May Day, May Day, May Day

The first day of May has arrived, and with it, the showers that were supposed to have begun in April – March, actually.  I think this is the first time we’ve had rain in two months.  It’s one of those wonderfully greeny-gray days where everything looks lush.  I’m sure that lushness will turn into stifling … Continue reading May Day, May Day, May Day

Been a Heck of a Week

Monday – new work order system goes online.  Things go smoothly, with only one or two weird glitches. Tuesday – trip to Columbia for Technology Roundtable.  Listened to a presentation of the new state tech plan, which was an exercise in stating the obvious, even though I served on the committee that wrote the blame … Continue reading Been a Heck of a Week

Another Good Weekend

There were more art shows in town yesterday at which you could not shake a stick.  How’s that for not ending a sentence with a preposition? John, Paul Wagenknect, and I had a quick couple of rounds of disc golf at Holmes Park in the morning.  For the afternoon, Laura and I hit the art … Continue reading Another Good Weekend

Back in the Saddle Again

Everything posted from early April was a lie — at least, as far as the date is concerned.  I’ve been offline for about two months because of several things – Digitalibiz didn’t believe I had paid my bill, then they changed the infrastructure so I couldn’t reach the site via FTP, then they changed the … Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again

Those Conniving Catholics

On my reading list, I’ve got several books that describe secret plots by the Catholic church to conceal some import aspect of Christian faith that doesn’t quite mesh with their objectives, whatever those might be.  The Da Vinci Code was just the latest in that list, which I’m discovering is not as short as I might … Continue reading Those Conniving Catholics