Travel Preparations II

We started by staging.  With the roof down, we have room for one large and one small suitcase under the roof storage area, and plenty of space for laptop, cameras, and souveniers.  On the back seat will be the cooler, and eventually the china.  After satisfying ourselves that everything would fit, we decided that it … Continue reading Travel Preparations II

Reagan is Dead

 Reagan is dead, and so are politics in Greenville County. The idiot incumbents seem to be going back in.  As for Reagan, I’m amazed (although I shouldn’t be) at the number of people that want to deify him.  He will be remembered as a great president, not because he truly was great, but because others thought … Continue reading Reagan is Dead

Travel Preparations I

“You can play the ABC game only so much before you go cazy”, so Laura informs me as we make our preparations. This means finding something else to do on the long drive across flat country. We have CDs and XM radio to keep us entertained. We’ll check books-on-tape out of the library (once we … Continue reading Travel Preparations I

Why and Where

It all starts with China – dishes, not the place.  Laura’s mom has given her some china that had belonged to her grandmother,and rather than ship the dishes, we decided to drive out and get them.  Her mom lives on an Island in the Puget Sound about two hours north of Seattle, so this is … Continue reading Why and Where

Memories of Long Branch

I like this new summer schedule.  I work like a dog Monday through Thursday, but have Fridays off.  So this morning I decided to take Dad his Father’s Day present early — all of his sermons retrieved from his old 286 burned to CD. On the way back, I felt compelled to swing by Long … Continue reading Memories of Long Branch

A Place for My Stuff

Being a gadget freak has it drawbacks, especially if you’re a male.  So now I’m carrying around a Palm Tungsten C (bulky), a cell phone (also bulky until I get a new one), sunglasses in a case, bifocals in a case, a wallet, a tape memo recorder (I don’t believe in digital) and various writing … Continue reading A Place for My Stuff

Thanks for the memory

I spent Memorial Day working with memory of a different type – electronic.  My father had an old 286 which he continued to use, despite having a new computer and my warnings to the contrary.  In his defense, we did try transferring the files to the new computer via sneakernet.  While the old DOS programs … Continue reading Thanks for the memory

The Godfather, Part I

Once more the cycle runs its course – the school year has ended, and summer has begun.  Not that I noticed very much, now that I’m an administrator.  I miss the anticipation of summer vacation.  At least this last weekend of the academic year is a long weekend for me. We started by going to … Continue reading The Godfather, Part I

The Sky Is Falling

The movie “The Day After Tomorrow” opens this weekend.  I haven’t decided whether to see it on the big screen or wait and see it as a rental.  From what I can see from the trailers, it looks it’s going to be a standard disaster flick, somehow involving global climatic changes and the onset of … Continue reading The Sky Is Falling

The Infinite Cat

OK, here’s the idea.  Some guy takes a picture of his cat and posts it to a web page.  Someone else takes a picture of his or her cat looking at the first cat on the web page, then uploads that image to said webpage.  Another person takes a picture of their cat looking at … Continue reading The Infinite Cat