Casserole a la Kaup

We had planned to go out for breakfast this weekend, but the forecast was for nasty weather.  So, instead we decided to try out our friends’ recipe for a breafast casserole.   First, some history.  Every time we have been fortunate to take brunch at the Kaups, it usually features a savory sausage/egg casserole washed down … Continue reading Casserole a la Kaup

I, Robot, Part II

Last night Laura and I were at the mall in a shopping frenzy when I spotted a Robosapien.  This was the first time I had seen one of these things up close and personal, and I even got to try it out with its nifty remote.  It was pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure I … Continue reading I, Robot, Part II

Let there be light(s)!

I want Christmas lights.  None of this “one-candle-in-a-window-pretty-wreath-spotlight” elegant stuff.   I’m after “wrap the trailer park, half-a dozen Santas, three Nativity scenes, outfit the dog in a reindeer suit” displays. Fortunately, I’ve found a great website called Ugly Christmas Lights to help my with my quest. This site allows users to post pictures of their findings.  … Continue reading Let there be light(s)!

First Sunday of Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the first Sunday of the liturgical year, and to me, the first official day of the Christmas season, despite what the retailers tell us. The Candle of Hope will be lit with the requisite scripture readings and the oddly appealing mournful strains of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" … Continue reading First Sunday of Advent

Buy Nothing Day

One day of gluttony followed by another… It was a typical Thanksgiving, expressed by overindulging in those things for which we are supposedly giving thanks.  The result for me was a massive headache and turning in quite early. …And so we come to Friday, the day of shopping madness.  This morning’s Market Place on NPR … Continue reading Buy Nothing Day

The Information Packrat Syndrome

Some years ago I gave a presentation at a technology conference entitled ‘The Information Packrat Syndrome".  This presentation dealt with the many misuses and abuses of technology with students, particularly, particularly activities which involve gathering data for no apparent reason. Here’s an especially egregious example, one I’m guilty of using with my students.  Each child is given … Continue reading The Information Packrat Syndrome

Rachel may cheat, but so do Rutter and Handel

Tonight the Greenville Chorale, Greenville Symphony Orchestra, and Furman Children’s Chorus perform John Rutter’s “Mass of the Children”.  Also on the program is Handel’s “Dettingen Te Deum”. First a disclaimer:  This will be a wonderful concert.  Especially with the Rutter, the blend of beautiful melodies with children’s voices is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and … Continue reading Rachel may cheat, but so do Rutter and Handel