Caching in Landrum

Laura was grading papers, so I my job was to stay out of her way.  My map showed a caching “power trail” through the Landrum/Tryon area, so I decided to head that way.  I found one neat little micro, then a traditional cache at the “Welcome to Landrum” sign.  In town, it was a different … Continue reading Caching in Landrum

Burritos, Burritos, Burritos

Sometimes, Taco Hell just isn’t what you’re after, and you don’t have enough time for sit-down with wait staff whose tenuous command of English only includes the phrase, “hot plate.” So to fill this mid-level fast-food niche, several new chains of pseudo-Mexican have popped up. Here’s a quick rundown of three in our area… Senor … Continue reading Burritos, Burritos, Burritos

Paper or silicon?

I live in the South.  It’s icy today, so there is a region-wide panic about driving.  Therefore, we had no newspaper when I got up this morning.  Being Sunday, I’m accustomed to lingering over the paper with multiple cups of coffee, so I was somewhat at a loss.  I decided to try a very pragmatic … Continue reading Paper or silicon?

Casserole a la Kaup

We had planned to go out for breakfast this weekend, but the forecast was for nasty weather.  So, instead we decided to try out our friends’ recipe for a breafast casserole.   First, some history.  Every time we have been fortunate to take brunch at the Kaups, it usually features a savory sausage/egg casserole washed down … Continue reading Casserole a la Kaup

I, Robot, Part II

Last night Laura and I were at the mall in a shopping frenzy when I spotted a Robosapien.  This was the first time I had seen one of these things up close and personal, and I even got to try it out with its nifty remote.  It was pretty cool, but I wasn’t sure I … Continue reading I, Robot, Part II