Last night I performed in one of the most difficult concerts of my career.  The Children’s Hospital of Greenville holds an annual service in memorial to those children who have died in the hospital in the past year.  This year the Greenville Chorale Chamber Ensemble  was invited to sing.  The service consists of a half-hour video … Continue reading Kindertotenlieder

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Home Improvements

Today my father and I kept our standing annual date for the Southern Home and Garden Show. We’ve been doing this for at least ten years now – we wander through the exhibits, say hello to our friends who are doing the same, and usually end the experience with an overly expensive and not necessarily … Continue reading Home Improvements

Sticky Fingers

Tonight we decided to try Sticky Fingers downtown.  I had seen these new restaurants popping up here and in Columbia, and wanted to give them a shot.  Apparently the first one was in Mt. Pleasant, and they have spread from there all over the Southeast, with most of their restaurants here in SC. Atmosphere A … Continue reading Sticky Fingers

Doing That DC Thang

It’s Furman’s Spring Break!  Yep, right here at the end of February.  So, with threats of snow in the forecast for Virginia and Maryland, we decide to head to Washington DC to see our friends John and Kate Kaup, who are up there for a year while on sabbatical. The snow wasn’t enough to hinder … Continue reading Doing That DC Thang

The Subtle Art of Misdirection

Two seemingly unrelated events, and yet their implications are entwined. First, over the weekend we visited our our friends, John & Kate Kaup, in Washington DC. Kate is on a one-year sabbatical from Furman, and serving as a Congressional something-or-other having to do with China. During the visit, she expressed concern about some information on … Continue reading The Subtle Art of Misdirection

We can rebuild him

Have you noticed the number of TV commercials for medical procedures lately?  Stryker Orthopedics has been particularly egregious, with advertisements for hip and knee replacements.  Drug commercials are bad enough… Ask your doctor if _____ is right for you!  Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, sexual side effects, loss of appetite, loss of memory, loss … Continue reading We can rebuild him

Nude Music Review

I love XM Radio. I used to really like Shoutcast and other online radios because I could find commercial-free streams of eclectic music.  However, since I’m paying for XM, and since I have to watch my bandwidth usage at work, I’ve been listening to it more.  One great feature both mediums share is the ability … Continue reading Nude Music Review

Mag Blast!

Our desire to annihilate each other means that we are watching less TV, at least, as far as Laura and I are concerned.  We have both become addicted to the Mag Blast space battle game by Fantasy Flight Games.  This is a card game in which you attempt to protect a Flagship while attacking your … Continue reading Mag Blast!

Rene’s Fishmarket

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Rule #1 – Never wait in line more than 30 minutes for any restaurant in Greenville.  There are just too many nice places in town. Rule #2 – Even taking into account the first rule, Valentine’s season is a tricky time to find a place to eat in any … Continue reading Rene’s Fishmarket