Paddling to Willtown on the Edisto

Our Second Saturday paddle for March turned out to be the First Saturday this year. With all of the Coronavirus scare, that was probably a good thing (though kayaking is an excellent way to socially distance). For this trip we decided to check out a new stretch of the Edisto River. We would put in on Penny Creek and take out at the historic Willtown Bluff. Along the way we would see the remains of old rice plantations and some beautiful scenery. Continue reading Paddling to Willtown on the Edisto


Well, the world got really weird all of the sudden. I thought with all of this lockdown and virus I’d be able to catch up on blogging. Didn’t happen. I’m still here, but between the anxiety, depression, and learning to cope with a new reality I just haven’t been able to write. I have a … Continue reading Surviving

COVID-19 Update

Scary times. Never can I remember schools being shut down world-wide for a contagion. Toss in a divided populace and you’ve got total chaos. I’m getting tired of the phrase, “…out of an abundance of caution…” but I understand the science behind social distancing and precautions. Others think it’s just some sort of political ploy. … Continue reading COVID-19 Update


Twenty years ago I held my as the clock ticked from 11:59 to midnight. There was a real fear that this might be The End of the World as We Know It™. To me, that was just yesterday, and those memories are fresh in my mind. It’s hard to fathom that the college students in Laura’s classes were either born AFTER the year 2000 or were too young to have any experience of experience of the Y2K scare. Continue reading testtest