Paddling to Capers Island

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    1. Both. I have a waterproof camera that I use for specific shots. I also have a GoPro mounted to the kayak itself. The GoPro is set to do time-lapse shots at one image every ten seconds. I used to do full video, but I found that I wasn’t using the video. It was just taking up storage space. Now I just do time-lapse with an occasional video.

  1. Capers is not for the faint of heart. Plan on at least a long weekend trip, and know your paddling limits before committing to something you can t handle. If you re unsure of paddling out to the island, make arrangements to borrow a jon boat, or contact Barrier Island Eco Tours. They have access to a ferry, but only for parties of seven or more. This is an incredible island that is certainly one of the more unique places to be found on our coast, and there s no better time to visit it than now.

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