Paddling the French Broad River with WNC Kayaking

2 thoughts on “Paddling the French Broad River with WNC Kayaking”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Glad you enjoyed that part of the French Broad. We usually go with the Meetup Asheville Mildwater Paddlers with Clare Trashgal. She is very well organized and knows the river like the back of her hand. Just went with her to the Tuckaseegee this past week. And just finished a paddle from Horseshoe to Westerfelt near Sierra Nevada, it was about 11 miles. Nice current and no down trees. The Lazy Otter Outfitters has a web page and blog that will let you know about down trees. I have been down that part of the French Broad from Island Ford to Hap Simpson. It’s only good when the water level is high. In the middle of corn fields with a lot of twist and turns. Not very wide.
    Keep paddling and hope to meet up with you somewhere on the river, barbecue festival or whatever.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Several other paddlers mentioned the Asheville Mildwater Paddlers and Clare in particular. I’ll check out their Meetup group. I’ll also take a look at the Lazy Otter website.

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