Paddling Lake Saluda

4 thoughts on “Paddling Lake Saluda”

  1. I wish that lake, and some others, could be dredged out and restored. Although the area at the head of the lake would make good wetlands habitat.

    1. Tough call. We’ve got the same problem with the little lake behind our house. We like the habitat, but it would be nice if the lake could be restored to its original boundaries.

  2. Probably the biggest challenge is paying for it. My inclination is to want to see the lakes dredged in order to fit their original purpose, but the habitat creation is something that shouldn’t be ignored. A tough but widespread issue for sure.

    My youngest brother lives on Lake Blalock NE of Spartanburg. GREAT lake, as there are limits on boat size and power, and plenty of nice, deep water. The Paccolet River comes in from the NW, as does a large creek on Dan’s branch. Plenty of good bird life and wooded shore as well.

  3. Saluda Lake is the best kept secret in Greenville, and yes, the residents like it that way !! We have no problems with the shallow areas ( a dredging operation is approved and will be starting soon ).

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