Paddling Lake Greenwood from Souls Harbor

4 thoughts on “Paddling Lake Greenwood from Souls Harbor”

  1. Ran across this when googling the Donaldson AFB Rec center. Nice read, thanks!

    any clue why this site is marked Donaldson AFB Rec Center? Maybe someone who served there marked it as it use to be, I never heard of it before and I grew up at the lake (more or less)

    1. The best information I could find was a brief description on a Geocache

      “The area known as Souls Harbor at one time was the Donaldson Center Recreation Area, used by Army Air Force personnel stationed just north of here, along with trainees at the Coronaca Army Air Field which is now the Greenwood County Airport.”

      Most of the other links were spammy generic links that just pull data from the GNIS database, with no real information about the area.

  2. Thanks Tom, been reading your ramblings all afternoon, thanks for helping me goof off at work. Great pictures, some very familiar, some not so.

  3. Hey y’all are chatting about my backyard! I love the river, don’t get on it much any more. Started skiing on it when i was about 15. We got away from all boats and this was before jet skis and sea doos. There was nothing but peace and quiet up the Saluda River. I am 47 now, lived on the Lake Greenwood all my life, am now trying to teach the grand kids to love and respect the water and woods as much as my wife and I have. This is a wonderful area to live in!

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