Owls and the Moon

3 thoughts on “Owls and the Moon”

  1. IMO the orange moon shot would make a good wall hanging in the “tabloid” size printout. In the same format as above, with the moon off-center and on the black background with the “broken format” provided by the trees partially overlapping the moon. Cool shot. Might need to run a sharpening filter on it. Or not.

    1. I already ran a sharpening filter, both on the raw file and when I got it into Photoshop. The problem is that the only way to focus the telescope is to twist the tube. There is no fine focus. Also, camera shake is a HUGE problem with the T-mount. I really need a new telescope.

  2. Beautiful moon pictures….

    Hey…glad you could capture a picture of my owl friend. I see him flying a lot and hear him even more. I love our street because of the wildlife!


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