One More GPS Tracker – Qstarz BT-Q1000

2 thoughts on “One More GPS Tracker – Qstarz BT-Q1000”

  1. I got one – works great! Thanks for the review. I’ve noticed on issue, when geotagging the jpg files, the exif data is missing the GPSVersionID tag, so things like picasa don’t read the GPS data. This must be down to v4 of the utility. Anyone else noticed this or found a fix?

  2. This gps receiver is simple to use and satellite reception was always great, even during snowstorms, being indoors, or metro areas. But this unit is not cost-effective enough, the price is too high.

    My friend told me that he just got another better unit, it’s Canmore GT-750 FL – similar spec but not too pricey. Also he never experienced anything that disappointed him w/ it’s performance of his Dell Axim X51. I plan to get this one shortly.

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