Old School Charm

8 thoughts on “Old School Charm”

  1. The West Dunklin school building is across the road from my parents’ house. Unfortunately, it has been run by an industrial concern for probably 30 years. Had a nice line of oaks out front. On the other end of Possum Kingdom, the 1 room McCullough school used to stand in a curve on McCullough School Rd.. Mom went there for 5 or 6 years. Not sure if it survives – it was there until a few years ago anyway.

    1. Tom, Do you have a copy of the Old Schools Standing document. Everything is opening but that?
      Thank you,

  2. The old Cedar Grove Elementary school in Belton, SC on Cheddar Road. The school was in operation until the 1990s. A new building has been built 2 miles away. It’s a lovely school.

  3. North of the Ora School there is a school in Lanford. I’ve seen the insurance photo but no other info. It’s off Old Schoolhouse Rd in the vines and woods.

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