North Carolina with the New Camera

3 thoughts on “North Carolina with the New Camera”

  1. I got to do some shooting in Marshall once. Fascinating subject. But it definitely was a different world. Court was going on that day, and the local law enforcement and a lawyer were consulting about a couple of problem people coming into town. I think there was a divorce involved, and things were expected to go boom. Mars Hill was a more sedate alternative, though without the river. There’s also a really cool road from Hot Springs down to I 40 west of Lake Juneluska (sp), but the person I rode with got into some problems with another driver who had differing views of how to drive that road. Not a pretty scene, and no law enforcement to call in. Glad the D7000 is more behaved. Had to be disappointing to see that someone had messed with settings and not restored factory default.

    1. I think I remember reading something about that. Unless I’ve prepared ahead of time (which I try to do), I tend to forget about these things.

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