Momentous Weekend

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  1. You know, that’s a really cool story. There is Laura – at the end of the semester, oblivious to the upcoming award, not knowing why it’d be any big deal for you not to be at graduation or maybe not having even thought of that. There is your co-conspirator – trying not to give the act away, and there is you – feeling the tugs of emotion and duty and the need to be in 2 places at once and wanting to “do right” by both your colleagues and your wife. And how it ended up working out more or less – except you didn’t get to hear her name called. Remarkable.

    On a note about the concerts, I listened to Shaw’s recording of the Poulenc last night. Didn’t intend to, but I’d started another British recording that was way too slow for me, and went on to Shaw. I’d gotten recordings of other Poulenc works out (Stabat Mater, Mass, motets), and was going to listen some. It really was a bit scary to compare our tempi with Shaw’s. Shaw’s “fast” was moderate mostly compared to Maestro’s. Shaw’s “slows” were brisker than ours. it was a much safer recording with far less dynamic and tempo variation. I suppose that, being a studio recording, this is to be expected. Seems like, though, our Sunday performance had an excitement that would not have been there without Eduard’s choices. Which may indeed get at why he has been so successful in Greenville. His tempi vary, but don’t seem to “drag” or “rush” … mostly. He has the symphony trained to be able to follow him there, and he had us more there by Sunday. I expect that this focus on “expressivo” (I guess that is a good overall term for it) is in his musical genes, being a Russian conductor of the school he grew in.

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