Meat-n-2.0, Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

One thought on “Meat-n-2.0, Southern Fried Green Tomatoes”

  1. We ate at Fried Green Tomatoes a few months back and have been hooked ever since. After reading your review, we were stunned. We eat there during lunch and often on weekends and we are in our early 30s. Fried Green Tomatoes is not a cafeteria – seniors may come in often but when we are there, we always notice a variety of ages. Another thing we noticed from your blog was that you didn’t seem “southern” or at least not a connoisseur of true southern food. SFGT uses the best quality and also makes the food from scratch (with some family recipes) – which we were able to see when they did a catering order for us. If you’ve worked in restaurants these days, homemade food is hard to find. Almost all big chains use sodium filled, pre-made, frozen, processed food. Another thing we love is that SFGT is a “mom and pop”. Because we own a business as well, we understand how hard it is to get started and to find good, trustworthy help. With all this said, we feel that if you’re a person who loves the southern food on which you were raised, you love this place – however, if you don’t really like southern food and prefer gourmet, or pizza, or burgers, etc., comment on what you actually know and like 🙂

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