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  1. As I sat and read the comments (bashing at that) about The Market Square Deli on Wade Hampton, I sat in unbelief of the TOTAL untrue statements made throughout the blog!
    First, the restaurant clearly has a front counter directly in front of the entrance. Anyone that cannot locate it is either looking at the floor or has their back turned or is oblivious to their surroundings. The menus are located directly beside the register on the counter in a wire rack clearly visible.
    For a small family-owned restaurant, the selection is pretty great. The food is some of the best you’ll find in town. Sure, it takes a FEW minutes to prepare the pizza or HOT OVEN sandwiches, especially if they are fairly busy. 30 minutes is a FAR EXAGERATION from the truth. Normal wait on a pizza is about 4 or 5 minutes…well worth the wait, as it is freshly topped & cooked to order.
    The decor is family-oriented & a large part of the customer base is probably from BJU as it is very close to the campus. Who cares?! If I had a business, I wouldn’t care who helped me pay the salaries & bills & gave me income! Lunch-time sees a very large gathering of local business people from the area.
    All-in-all, if you want GREAT food at a great price, a FRIENDLY atmosphere & a fun, relaxed place to sit & enjoy your lunch or dinner, then this IS the place for you!

    A loyal customer since they’ve been opened….Lee

  2. I really love it when someone is so outraged that they feel the need to vent. Geez, Lee, this is my personal blog and I can say what I damn well feel. At the time this was written (two years ago) this was absolutely the case and was absolutely true. You weren’t there. You don’t have a clue.

    For the record, Market Deli close their doors for a very very long time after this review was written. When they re-opened, they had made many improvements, including menu items and clarity. I’ve eaten there several times since then, each time a much better experience. However, I still don’t enjoy associating with Bob Jonesies, and will make other choices before coming here. My choice – get over it.

  3. just came across this post. i have to defend the original tom in saying that it was a pretty rough restaurant after opening with lots of problems. i never heard a conversation on dispensationalism, but i can imagine that one could of if they had sat around long enough. this was great to read. i was the original owner and designer of market square deli. your blog brought back some good/nightmare memories. good times. enjoyed looking through your site here.

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