Lost Roddenberry

2 thoughts on “Lost Roddenberry”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of Andromeda and Earth:Final Conflict, two shows I watched when they first aired.

    Andromeda was a good show for two seasons then the quality went downhill. If you see Robert Hewitt Wolfe listed as producer in the credits, the episode is probably worth watching. Otherwise, forget it.

    Earth:Final Conflict had a good first season, but after that the quality went downhill until it became unwatchable in its last season.

    1. I never watched Andromeda, but I’ve just caught the first several episodes on YouTube. I like the idea, but I just can’t tolerate Kevin Sorbo. So far he comes across as an idiot.

      As for Earth: Final Conflict, I liked it during the first season, and watched it when it was first broadcast. After that, I kind of lost interest.

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