Lessons and Carols

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  1. I am SO envious! Wanted to be in this service for several years, but it isn’t going to happen. Love your commentary on the sound – I wish I had the opportunity to sing in such a group as well. But hearing such a group would be … about as good as it gets.

    I don’t know about now, but my “take” on the Chorale chamber group about 5 years ago was that there were singers in it who are good soloists, but there is a need in such a group for people with the mindset of a chorister and someone who wants to blend. It’s a different type singing altogether. The group is much better these days, but it still isn’t really as good of an ensemble as the talent of the members would lead me to expect. That’s not a cut, and it’s much closer than, say, back in 05 or so.

  2. Dr. Blackwell is a member of our church and while I still enjoy the music at St. James it certainly isn’t the same since he “retired” as our choir director.

  3. I love the Lutheran church, but I love the choral tradition of the Anglican/Episcopal church. Was wondering what kind of music St James has.

  4. Ken – I completely agree about the current Chamber Ensemble. Strong solo voices don’t necessarily mean a good choral sound. The past couple of years there has been a better blend, but part of that has been due to selection or repertoire that has complemented the voices.

    I spent a year in Tucson, Arizona, and sang with the Arizona Repertory Singers. That group had a great sound, very similar the Furman Chamber Choir (but not quite as refined.) When I got back to Greenville I was looking for a similar group, but never really found it. Heritage Chamber Singers came close.

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