Kayaking on Bellingham Bay

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  1. Tom,
    Thank you for sharing your journey to Washington. I found your blog several years ago when we retired to Hendersonville NC. In fact I remember meeting you on a paddle I think on Wolf Lake in NC. I am still enjoying your blog, because right now my Husband and I are on Kitsap Pennisula meeting a new Grandson. We paddled around the San Juan Islands last year and we were amazed with the Madrona trees. Have a feeling we may be returning several more times, so please keep sharing your adventures because the info. is helpful. I went to a local farmers market too after reading your blog…just wonderful. Thanks Ellen Brazauskas.

    1. Wait, are you stalking me? 😉

      I do remember meeting you guys. It was on Bear Creek Lake in NC. I remember because that’s where I lost my first GoPro camera. Glad to hear that you’re doing well and that you’re still paddling.

      I’m also glad you’ve been able to visit this part of the world. We love it. One amazing point is that lots of people from the Hendersonville/Asheville area migrated to the Skagit Valley to take logging jobs. I was having lunch in a BBQ place near Duncan, SC, and the walls were covered with photographs of logging in the Skagit Valley. There seems to be a strong connection between the two areas.

      1. It does seem that our paths continue to cross…and I do remember the loss of your camera, but wanted to be kind and not bring up bad memories. Washington is such a beautiful state. Please don’t tell anyone in Hendersonville, but the apples here are really good. Enjoy your time and look forward to your blogging.

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