i-GotU Revisited

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  1. Do I understand correctly?
    -This GPS will record tracks for the route I take.
    -The track can be downloaded and synchronized with photos taken with a digital camera as long as the photos are time tagged to match the track.
    -Full-featured GPS units allow this as well, correct? With the low prices of full-featured units, why use this one?

    1. Bucky – these units tend to be tiny, so they are much less bulky than a handheld GPS. They are good for what they do, which is recording tracks and geotagging images. Since they don’t have a screen, they are not good for navigation.

      If you going to have a GPS with you for navigation anyway, I wouldn’t suggest getting one of these. However, if you want something you can through in a pocket just to keep a track, it’s great for that.

  2. I€™m thinking about buying the USB 120 igotu, but I have a few questions. The thing is, I was actually looking for a regular USB GPS mouse, when I came across the igotu whit its extra picture logging function. The website and reviews make pretty clear the igotu works as a normal GPS mouse, but no one ever mentions combining its two functions, at the very same time.
    My plan is to make a long road trip with GPS utility (navigation software) telling me where I am. During this trip I hope to come across some picture worthy sceneries. I will probably take pictures from the car, without wishing to disconnect the igotu to get it running on its battery. Can I later add locational information to a picture taken while the igotu is USB connected to the computer and used by the navigation software?
    If this is the case, does it work because the igotu still stores waypoints on its internal memory, which means it has to be cleared every now and then? Or is it actually possible to have two different software programs communicating with the GPS simultaneously?

    1. As far as I know you can’t use it as USB GPS “mouse.” While it will continue to track while attached via USB, it won’t update your position on your computer. The only way to get the GPS data is to download the GPX file using the unit’s software.

      If you’ve got Bluetooth there are several devices out there that connect with that method. iGotU has a unit a little larger than the 120 that will do this. QStarz also has one.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Tom.
    According to the mobileaction website one of the key features is: “Compatible with 3rd party GPS navigation software, serve as PC GPS receiver as well”. I was pretty sure they meant it could be used as a true GPS too, but I’ll google a bit extra to make sure. I own a bluetooth GPS mouse, which I’ll definitely bring for backup, but I prefer the reliability of a simple cable. Bluetooth connections tend to be forgotten on my laptop, and although I always manage to get going again, I don’t like to waste time on getting navigation software and GPS communicating.

  4. I have the older GT-100 unit and was having difficulties getting the software to load the coordinates to the photo EXIF information. I have recently upgraded the software to the newer I-gotU Suite package and this problem has been fixed. I don’t think it’s the GT-120 unit that handled this, but the newer computer software.

  5. Another comment. Since I have the GT-100 unit with its little docking station for connection to the computer via USB, would the GT-120 unit be able to also use that device? The pictures of the GT-120 I have seen look the same as the older GT-100 except for the 2 holes where the special cable fits into it to hold them together–the 5 contact pins appear to be the same and the units appear to be the same size. Has anyone tried this?

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