i-gotU GPS Tracker – Summary Review

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  1. For the record, we got a Garmin for Christmas, and it actually has some of those same performance issues. We have waited for thirty minutes on beautiful days many times for it to detect the satellite, and it is sometimes off with regard to the precise location.

  2. I have also been using the i-gotu. My experience has been pretty positive, especially considering the cost.

    I lent it to a co-worker who spent the weekend snowmobiling (often over 80 mph). The unit tracked his progress perfectly, from his jacket pocket.

    Here is a track from a bike ride I took today. I only wish it was easier to calculate my distance traveled.


    Geoff Fox

  3. Re: i-GotU, the best thing since sliced bread, easy to use and as accurate as my Navman. Quickly locks on to satellite Will be using it for my travels.

  4. May I know whether you are talking about i-gotU USB GPS Travel Logger GT-120 or i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel Logger GT-200?
    And, how about GT-100? Is it an older model?

  5. i got the i-gotu 100 and it is absolutely rubbish … i have used in on and off for several months in hope of it working. I just use it to track my daily 2 hour walk across common land and even with clear skys and holding the thing out it still only logs a few points …

    i contacted mobile action by email (actually several times) and have not even had a response … crap product … crap company .. if i could find the receipt i would take it back to maplins

    1. Lodaive – If you’ll notice, this product review was about the i-gotU GT-100, not the GT-120 as reviewed by Gadgeteer. The unit I had functioned EXACTLY as I described it.

      From Julie’s description, it looks like Mobile Action has made some significant improvements with the GT-120, especially with the software that comes with the unit. I plan to do a new review with the GT-120 in the near future, and we will see how the improvements really stack up.

  6. I used this product to track my cheating wife in the act. IT WORKS!! I was able to see her every movement, every stop and how long she was there. Using Google maps I was able to determine where she and her boyfriend met at a parking lot, ate lunch, parked for a quickie and then dropped him off at his car again. Not pleasant news. But if you need to know. This is the device for you! She was floored when I confronted her with my knowledge of where she had been and when she had been there. And I have never told her about the IGotU unit in her car HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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