Hymns and Hops

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  1. Fascinating. I was struck by the lack of a keyboard player. I think that some sort of a honky-tonk sounding keyboard, or one slightly out of tune but a regular piano sound, would be great for this. Or some sort of Hammond organ, but played not quite as … can you do that in a beer hall style?

    A bit high tech, but it would be cool to have a series of links tied to something like hymnary that would be useful on tablets. As opposed to printing paper. Of course, there is something really cool about having the printed page in your hand. It will be something to have enough of those old hymnals or folk song books that I found recently to use. The prit is small, but it will be fun to use those. The ones the follow wrote who was involved with Billy Sunday.

    I wonder if it is better to have one of these in a functioning bar, or if a BYOB in a cool site would be as fulfilling. We don’t tend to have classic bars anymore, except maybe that place on coffee Street. Is it still there? Auti’s or something like that ? We have serval classics in Clemson like that, but I can’t see the management of any of them going for this idea.

  2. Your comment about possibly getting an event together for beer and hymns made me think about a totally new adventure in singing……
    ‘Beer and Threnodies’.
    Could be loosely based on the “café mortel” concept started by a Swiss guy, and now spread to France and England. But instead of just talking — music and song too! I imagine drumming would work in that setting too (check out YouTube for “VA – Drums of Death (African Voodoo Funeral)”


    Just a thought, after all, many hymns are about the afterlife.

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